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Spontaneous Tourney: Rock Paper Scissors

Allright it's been a while since we last did one of these, so time for me to host another spontaneous tournament! As the title says the inspiration for this tournament is rock-paper-scissor, in other words, you can use rock pokemon to represent the rock (speaks for itself right?), steel pokemon to represent scissors (you know since those things are made of steel), and lastly... uhh paper represents fire ofcourse... (you know cuz paper burns and whatnot). Since all three of these are weak to ground type moves, the use of any ground type moves is not allowed. So there you have it, this tour...

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Yesterday at 06:28:09 pm by Bart-c

The Contest Begins!

We're happy to announce that the Grass Catching Contest has officially kicked off and this weekends legendary perks are now available for the whole community to enjoy!

Available for the duration of the weekend:

 +6 Increased IVs,
 + Bonus Encounters,
 -100% Alakazam Services!

For more information on the Grass Catching Contest and your chance to win 1,000 Battle Coins, please click here. ...

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September 23, 2016, 07:40:51 pm by sickbailey

The Small Kinks Which Hurt

Today I've been having a bug-fixing session to refine some ideas before we're adding another portion to the debug server tomorrow. This will be the battle tower for those of you which have access to the debug server. I can confirm that I will be posting a full update outline in the first week of october for all of you guys to understand all of the changes and we'll be starting to offer some small public testing periods shortly afterwards to ensure we can start the update on the best foot :)read more

September 21, 2016, 01:31:05 pm by sickbailey

Pdod Presents: The Grass Catching Contest

Now that summer is leaving us for autumn and the scenery is changing colors, it's time to celebrate the start of autumn with a brand new catching contest! And what better way to celebrate the changing of the season with a grass type themed catching contest?! Be sure to use up your active remaining perks before the start of this weekend, because during this weekend we will be providing you all with some special perks to help you find those special pokemon. You will once again have 72 hours to find your best pokemon to enter in the contest, and an extra 15 minutes to sort out your champion....

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September 18, 2016, 04:00:25 pm by Bart-c

The Power Of 25's

The Power Of 25's
Lvl 100, lvl 50, lvl 100, lvl 50… Have we forgotten about lvl25? It’s time for you to prove that lvl 25 pokémon can be OP aswell! Get your lowlevel team together and compete in this noobfriendly tournament !

The tourney will be held on September 17, 15.00 in Town 2.
Registration closes on September 17, 12.00.

Horsea, Phanpy, Abra
All prizes will have customizable nature and will be shiny. The winner gets first pick and so on.
The prizes will be generated to you and you get to choose one of them.
For the fi...

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September 06, 2016, 09:17:31 pm by ElDeanho

Pdod League: Season 1

PDOD League: Season One

This League is based on the UEFA Champions League.
The league will consist of 4 or 8 groups of 4 people.
In the group stages everyone will battle each player in their group once (so 3 battles).
The players who end up first and second in their group proceed to the knockout stages.
Third and fourth are eliminated.
A round will be held every week, so this means that the league will take 7 weeks to finish ( if we're with 32) or 6 weeks (if we're only with 16).
3 weeks for the group stages to be finished and 3 or ...

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September 03, 2016, 12:21:29 am by ElDeanho

Bonus Perk Weekend!

As some of you might already have noticed, we have appointed a new Official Events Manager, namely Dean! This news calls for some fresh events so fresh events will be posted soon. Now of course we wouldn't want you to be unprepared for these. That is why this weekend will be another bonus weekend, with some exciting, very exciting global perks! And it will actually start out soon, very soon: the perks will kick in at 18:00 server time today! So be sure to login as soon as you can if you aren't already, because the line-up of perks for the first day of the weekend is a...

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September 02, 2016, 10:42:17 pm by Rubyred

Tournament Suggestions

Greetings, battlers!

As your new event manager I thought it would be a good idea to create this page

We have a few tournaments and ideas planned for you guys but we would like to get as many suggestions as possible for future tournaments so we can keep the tournaments as fresh and exciting as possible for you all 8)

please post your ideas and suggestions below and we will consider them!

Thank you!

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August 19, 2016, 10:58:25 pm by ElDeanho

Dev Blog: Ability Progress

I'm going to try and keep you guys in the loop as much as I'm able to with the progress on the features we've outlined publicly, part of which of course are the much anticipated Pokémon abilities! Here you'll be able to see which have been worked on already, in testing and/or ready for the main server already.

I won't be updating this list quite as often as the one in the debug server section of the forums, but I will be doing it fairly often. If you can see an entry in red and you feel like it's a must have, let us know in the comments below read more

August 19, 2016, 02:09:18 pm by sickbailey

Dev Blog: What Are You Waiting For?

Something I hear a lot in the run up to a major iteration of the game, "You say this is going to be the biggest update so far quite often, Bailey." It's true, it's something we do push for with every major iteration of the game engine and V0.6.0 isn't going to let us down at all! One thing we've been a little notorious for is delays in these major releases reaching the main servers and this one is clearly no exception ::)


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August 08, 2016, 07:35:30 pm by sickbailey

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